Our Expertise
Concrete mining and field experience on mine sites whether large and mechanized or small scale and artisanal, together with a thorough knowledge of gemology, constitute the first steps of Imperial Color expertise along the colored gems and jewelry supply chain.

Four decades specializing in gem cutting, recutting and polishing as well as understanding and mastering Jewelry design and project development.
Manufacturing and perfect gemstone setting provide broad technical competence with a passionate and artistic approach to trends, market evolution, consumers and clients requirements.

Our expert experience also includes consulting and advising services for the development and organization of Local gemstone supply chains from Mine to export, as well as the participation to World Bank, USAID and Unites Nations projects and missions in Gem producing countries.

Client satisfaction and Consumer confidence are the principle of our business activity.

Our vision
Our vision relates to services with a minimum transparency of operations while conducting business transactions and developments.
From the origin to the ring on the finger, we believe in strong and inseparable bond that exists between the individual Miner at the origin, through to artisans, designers and retailers. This constitutes a vertical visible integration of all elements that compose the final piece of jewelry.

We believe in the formalization of Artisanal and Small-Scale illegal miners within legal frameworks that protect their cultures, practice within a regulated, transparent and friendly environment. We advocate for the respect of local laws and practices and cultural traditions at origin with a principle of not interfering with politics and regulations. We believe that the value of the gemstone is also highly related to the origin, its tradition, the human mining factor and local cultures and practice.

Responsible Sourcing
Our responsible sourcing policies include keeping track of our gem material from extraction to our premises through internal documentation of transactions and material denomination. We are engaged in education of all level of the supply chain, from the miner to the consumer with open communication and sharing of the best practices and related news. We also believe in modern tools that allow the visibility of artisanal miner who represent the vast majority of our supplies from Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Pakistan and Colombia.

We adhere to OECD guidelines for the Responsible Mineral Supply chain support Certification Process that benefit the entire supply path while providing visibility and advancing living conditions for artisanal miners communities . We support honesty and legality of trade transactions.
We are certified Accredited Ethical Members, AEM ,of the International Colored Gemstone Association , ICA.

We support the Responsible Jewelry Council colored gemstones code of practice to which we are proud to participate with the development of adapted standards for certification.