Zoe Michelou was born in France and grew up in Bogota Colombia. Encouraged by her father from an early age, Zoe developed a strong interest in the gemstone world. Following family, she began traveling with her father to mining areas, and gem shows. After a decade in Paris, she moved to Thailand where she Graduated from The Gemological Institute of America – GIA as well as the Gemmological Institute of Great Britain- Gem-A at The Gemological Institute of Thailand GIT where she also mastered jewelry design. Her training experience with two of the most prestigious high-end Export Jewelry manufacturers in Thailand drove her through all aspects of the supply, manufacturing process as well as customer service.
Jean Claude Michelou access to mining sources around the world has allowed his daughter Zoe to build and maintain her relationship with miners and gem industry stakeholders around the world.
Through her expertise and competence from rough stone grading to the selection of perfect colors for a perfect precision cut and polish, Zoe is committed to offering a customized service to her clients which include designers, manufacturers, and bespoke clients. Personal attention is given to each client, from sourcing gems to developing, crafting, and manufacturing their unique piece of Jewelry.
Dedicated to ethical sourcing, Zoe encourages sustainable practices in the industry.

Jean Claude Michelou was born in Paris, Where he grew up. He left Europe for an international Corporate career in Mexico. In 1977 he relocated to Bogota, Colombia to dedicate his time to his passion for gemstones. In the form of a “green Fever “, he learned everything he could about emeralds, from mine to cutting to trading and export
In 1986, Jean Claude joined the International Colored Gemstone Association ICA. He became the organization Ambassador to Colombia in 1997. Engaged in international business, promoting the awareness of Colombian Emerald, he traveled regularly to Gem shows in the USA, Europe, and Asia. He rapidly expanded his passion and business activities to the other colored gems species. While visiting different gem-producing countries he developed his knowledge of colored gemstone mining and geology with a special interest in Artisanal and Small Scale Miners.
Jean Claude joined the Board of Directors of the ICA in 2001 were remained for 16 years. He served as ICA Vice president for 8 years.
He is the founder of the international colored Gemstone publication InColor magazine which he has directed for over 15 years.
More recently he has been active as an expert consultant and advisor to Public international and national organizations of different producing countries and has been engaged in the development of a standard on Fair and Ethical Trade, Mining, as well as Social responsibilities initiatives.
In 2018, he moved to Bangkok where he continues to transmit his experience of a lifetime of passion and commitment to colored gems to his youngest daughter Zoe.
Inheriting her passion for gemstones, Zoe is the second generation of the Michelou family to carry on the business, bringing together tradition and innovation.